Videogame Sidescroller: Final Result, BGs and Concept Art


It's not programmed to do anything else, but still... HE RUNS! And there's cool music from Sonic and Knuckles!! You can view the process from my run cycle in this entry

If I ever expanded this into a playable game,
it would be about a kid named Jethro fighting enemy cyborgs to... do something super noble and heroic! XD

Backgrounds/Sprite Sheet & More Sketches

Robot Dad: Storyboard Animatic

The animatic is finally done! My next steps are planning detailed backgrounds and preparing voices so I can start character animating. I'm working on tightening up the designs of the dad and child too. (pdf version of the storyboard)

Character Design: Wasp Scientist


I'm designing a character for my storyboarding final and I wanted to draw a curvy lady like Mathieu Reynes and Shane Glines do! My story is based on this bizarre article...

I also watched Coffy in my History of Cinema class and I thought that Pam Grier would be awesome inspiration for my female lead. (She is the GODMOTHER of them all!)

Video 1: Movie Poster Design


A poster design for my Video project!
I'm not sure how I like the play on the title yet. 

Highschool: Cat got your... Lexus

Flash back: I completely forgot about these pictures my friend had on his webpage from Senior year. This was during the great car wars! Instead of shaving cream or toilet paper, I took a cleaner approach and taped a plethora of cat drawings to my friend's car in the middle of the night...


Sidescroller: Run Cycle


I looked to a few run cycles from Sonic The Hedgehog and MegaMan to help me figure out Jethro's run. I hate admitting it, but he really looks a lot like Megaman. I'm hoping the color is dissuading!




Figure Drawing: Open Session 10/24/2011


I went to open session last Monday and brought my sketchbook to do some exaggerated studies and gestures. To my surprise, the model didn't switch positions like I expected. Switching where I sat would've been a good idea if it wasn't so crowded, so I ended up working with the view I had. 

The first two are mostly off-model. I also have more drawings, but I didn't scan them because the quality showed how bored I started to get... I really like these drawings, but I'd like to improve my hands.

I also love that most of our male models are rockin' ponytails! So B.A.

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