Sketchbook: Character Designs


Painting: Frankenstein's Bride

Design: Accordion Book

Narrative illustrations I made for my design class last semester

Sketchbook: Robert Downey Jr.

One of my favorite actors... <33

Painting: Still Life (Oil)

Sketchbook: Leonardo DiCaprio


I love how serious he looks even when he isn't trying

Painting: Abstract Midterm

My painting teacher is an abstract painter and he's super amazing at what he does. This is my first abstract painting. It was a long struggle, but I think I did okay for the first time. I tried something really weird with this tape and he didn't like it very much :P Oh well, at least I tried something new!



Large Drawing of a Master Drawing

My midterm for drawing class. We had to recreate a master drawing and do a muscle overlay and name all the muscles! Can't remember who the artist was… fail.

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