Figure Drawing: Finding The Bridge


I finally started a direction in my figure drawing classes that I like and feel is relevant. It'll take more tries to gain some control, but I love being free from the chains of drawing EXACTLY what you see, especially in long poses.

Digital Illustration: Jubilee-ish


I downloaded some chalk brushes offline and started experimenting with this sketchy painterly style on a character. I really like the textured look and paint spontaneity! I'm hoping to do this on other different bodied characters, probably a guy.

Digital Illustration: Super Saiyan Chica


I haven't gotten back to her in a long time so it isn't too polished, but this is what I decided to work on when I was trying to sink my teeth into some digital painting last semester. It was really hard and I think as far as my interest in working on this goes, it's done and she's fabulous!

Animation: Thor Gets Creative


My first animated illustration! I adore Anthony Holden's work and I think this is an innovative and wonderful direction to take illustration, especially in the hands of an animator (or aspiring animator). Mine is not too complex and it has its' flaws, but it's still a neat experience to see come to life and I want to continue exploring this direction.

Summer is Awesome!


Thought I'd update on what I've been doing lately since school has been out!

I'm working at the library close to full-time, keeping up with the summer theater releases with my buddy, Bram and getting ready for background work on Robot Dad. I just recently got a California Spangled Cat from my talented sister-in-law so he's been entertaining the apartment with his restlessness. (And scratching the couch... >:( )

Animation: Cat


I just got a 2TB hard drive today and while flushing out my mac, I found another animation assignment from last year! I thought it got wiped off the school's computers, but it turns out I buried the file somewhere in my personal computer. (the line is by Will Ferrell)

Animation: Flashback


This is the intro to a project from my first animation class a year ago. I had a lot of trouble with the run of the child, working between pose to pose, and decided somehow that It would help to do a straight ahead. (no...) He looks like he's doing a slo-mo cued up to the main title from Chariots of Fire! My background and staging needed some help too, but I really enjoy the mom bobbing her hair at the beginning.

Sketchbook: Geisha, Intense Faces


Playing around with some japanese inspired stuff/Ryan Ottley forehead crinkles. His details are amazing! I met him at Mid Ohio-Con last year and bought a signed copy of Violence and Pinwheels. (It is my baby) Anyone who hasn't seen his work really should!

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