Character Design: Three Animals


The first thing I noticed once I started my series was that I'm uncomfortable drawing things I can't control. I don't draw animals as much as I do people, soI don't have a quick formula or range of shapes I know that I immediately apply to the animal based on previous experience.

I would have had an easier time choosing any kind of character design series having to do with humans... But if I had done that, I would have been avoiding an honest opportunity to discover, learn and improve the unfamiliar in my drawings. That is why each animal in my series is so different in terms of structure and nature.

 I impressed myself with the monkey and the bison, but my jaguar drawings aren't as strong. I'll probably need a few more weeks figuring out the structure and getting comfortable drawing big cats. I learned alot doing this and I want to keep improving this particular series!

Character Design: Jaguar Pre-work

Jaguar-drawing practice: Animals aren't easy. I need a legit trip to the zoo!

Character Design: Project 1:3


Final Result:

Some issues pointed out during the class critique:
1) The final drawing in the center seems stiff compared to the sketches.
2) The left eye of the final monkey doesn't look natural. ("Asian")

I can see both issues. Something about my variation of sketches too is bothering me. Does a normal character design also include creating an official front, back and side view of the character? Is this not a typical display of a character design?

Please comment! Anything is helpful. I'm doing two more character designs
based on animals and, if anything, I'd like a positive progression.

Sketchbook: Monkey Design Practice


I'm starting to land on a character design of a Long-tailed Macaque! I've never done character designs of animals before and I thought I'd challenge myself.

 I checked out a book at the library and I've been watching videos online, freeze-framing them in different poses to sketch. I've read a little about their environments and behaviors too to help influence my drawings.

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